Saturday, May 23, 2009


From My Own Little Corner Well, it is getting hot here in the mid-west, or for those who didn’t know, Missouri, not too far from St. Louis and the Mississippi, Missouri, and Cuivre Rivers. So not only is the temperature rising, it is getting HUMID!! Or, as Anne Ramsey says in “THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN”, it is getting “sultry”. And with the heat and humidity on the rise, getting the outside chores done has become an early morning, late afternoon endeavor.

The tiller is still in pieces in the garage, and appears destined to stay that way. Such a shame, but I refuse to throw it out, as you just never know when that part may fall into my lap, like manna from Heaven. So for now, it will lay on the garage floor, like an old toy that has been forgotten by it’s owner. The neighbor has managed to borrow a tiller from an uncle, so when it cools off this afternoon, we will till and weed the vegetable garden. The plants are growing nicely, but so are the weeds, and they always grow faster than the crops.

We have several other projects in the works. We are going to paint the shed to look like a barn, but we need to clear the forest that has grown around it before that will be possible. Of course, we need the chain saw for that. So, naturally, it spent 15 out of the last 21 days in the shop, over a span of 5 trips. ARGHHHH!!! Every piece of power equipment I touch this year has decided that it doesn’t like the idea of manual labor, and has crapped out on me. I did get it to work long enough to finish the rebuilding of the retaining wall around my flower bed under the bedroom windows. In pulling the weeds last week, I discovered it was rotting and needed to be replaced. So, intrepid homeowner that I am, I decided that we would tackle the job ourselves. For those who don’t know me personally, I am very stubborn when it comes to these types of thing, and once I decide that I can do it, I will not admit defeat. It took 3 days and the help of the hubby and the son, but it is DONE!!!!!!! We pulled the 6×6x8 timbers out from another bed that we decided we didn’t want enclosed anymore, and recycled them into a new wall. I used the chain saw to cut the timbers, and yes, I did do part of them. Jacob (the son) did one, I did the rest. When we were almost done, with the exception of drilling the last 4 pilot holes for the 12″ spikes that tie the timbers together, the drill died. So I drove those last 4 spikes with the sledge hammer! So the hubby, the son, and I built that wall all by ourselves. Granted it is not a very big wall and it is not perfect, but none the less, we did it! I told the hubby that by the end of summer, if we keep this up, I will be a buff, tanned, 50 year old, short person, and he will be a buff, tanned, 57 year old, tall person.

Well, I need to get the inside chores done, so that I can get to the outside ones that are scheduled for today. Hope all of you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and for those who serve, both active and veterans, THANK YOU !!!!! Don’t forget to thank our service men and women, and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedoms.

For those who read both of my blogs, I realize that this post is redundant, and as soon as I have more time, the two blogs will not be the same, but for now, this is my solution to the time crunch. LOL In otherwords, I am cheating!!

And as always, please pray for peace and enlightenment. My your God bless, and keep, you and yours.

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