Monday, May 18, 2009

The Tiller Saga Continues And Various Other Tidbits

From My Own Little Corner Thought I had found the parts for my tiller, but they have been discontinued. The tiller is only 8 years old (found the date on the tiller) and they have already decided to stop making the individual parts for the transmission, but they will sell me the whole thing. I spent most of yesterday searching for a used part, finally found it, the fella was going to sell me the gears that I needed for about $25 each, i was going to come home and put it back together myself. Then I made the mistake of telling him the reason I needed to buy it from him, he called the supplier, found out that it was truly no longer available, and decided he could not sell me just the parts, but now I had to buy the whole darned used transmission. And he would so generously lower the price from $300 to $200 and throw in a 30 day warranty.

The whole time he was trying to sell me this “new” transmission, which had grass wrapped around both the wheel and tine axles, he was complaining about how we are a throw away society. I explained to him that I did not have $200 to spend on the tiller, and that I really wanted to just buy the pinion and the gear assembly. No go. He got dollar signs in his eyes. I then told him that there was no way those transmissions (he had 2) were new, that they were rusted, pointng out that there was grass wrapped around the axles, and the paint was peeling off. He then informed me that was because the fellow that owned them, used to work for Sears, and that he did repair work in his off time, and the building had flooded, so that was why they looked so used. I then asked him if they were new, why were they in his repair shop. He replied that he suspected that the man had stolen them. That was my cue to leave, but not before informing him, “I will be sure to tell everyone I know how helpful you were to me.”

I then went to Wally World (anyone who read my previous blog, knows how I feel about them, but they are the only store around with halfway decent prices) for some wasp spray. I noticed some bald faced hornets on the back porch, and they are mean, so if and when I find the nest I will spray it and kill them. But I digress. While in Wal-Mart, I noticed a small tiller, just the size for me, I thought. I asked the price and the associate told me $99. That is a deal. I went back out to the van, told the hubby, and went home to make us a late lunch, and discuss it. When I got home I got on the Internet and looked for the parts for the old tiller. Absolutely no luck at all. So we talked about it, and decided that for $100 it was worth it so that I don’t have to hoe the 10,000 square foot garden. So off we went to Wal-Mart again. We looked at the tiller, they offered an extended warranty, we discussed it and decided to buy both the tiller and the extended warranty, as that would give us a total of 4 years coverage. And we asked, once again, what the price was and were told $99. We took it to the register, rang it up and the total was $237. BACK THE TRUCK UP!!!! $99 plus $19.97 and tax is NOT $237. She said it must be a mistake, deleted the item and re-rang it. Nope, she was the one who made the mistake. It was $199 not $99, so we left, once again, empty handed. Guess there is a reason that I am having such a hard time with these tillers, and though I don’t know what it may be, for now I am giving up the ghost.

When I got home, I got out the power washer, and cleaned the large patio out by the pool. At least that worked. When we turned on the pool, the pump wasn’t working, but after calling the pool guy, (and informing him that he left part of the stoppers in the pool lines out, that the pool was green as grass because he didn’t put enough chemicals in it, and that this has never happened in the 20 years we have had the pool) he told me how to fix the pump motor, rather than coming out and charging me $75 for the trip, then $75 an hour, with a 1 hour minimum. I was very nice to him, as I always am. I don’t generally get upset, as it doesn’t accomplish anything and generally makes things worse. The person you are talking to gets defensive, and then doesn’t want to do anything to help you, even if they can. So maybe he picked up on the tension ion my voice, as I had really had it with things breaking down by this point. At any rate, he told me to take the back off the pump motor, spray the shaft with WD-40, then use a pair of pliers to move the shaft. Put the cover back on, and turn on the pump. Well, after about 5 tries it finally worked.

Hopefully, that was the last major breakdown (although the spa still needs an electrician), and now I can get back to my yard and get the rest of the spring work done. I have 2 more flower beds to clean out, the rest of the concrete to power wash, the screened porch, garage and shed to clean out, and the rest of the railroad ties along the driveway to take out. So we are getting there, slowly but surely, and by the end of summer, we probably will be done and ready to hunker down for winter. AHHH the life of the homeowner. LOL!!!


Lette said...

Are you playing hookie???

Stephanie said...

I am trying, darn it, but it's not working. I am trying to get out of the chores that need to be done. LOL