Thursday, August 09, 2012


From My Own Little Corner

Well, yesterday started out with a bang!  I got up with a migraine, took some medicine and had my coffee while watching the news.  There was a great story on Channel 2 about the black bears that are making a comeback in this area, and the cameras that they are using to see what they do.  One of the bears lost his camera, walked about 100 feet, stopped, thought about it, turned around, went back to the camera, and attacked it.  I got dressed and, at about 8:30, headed out to take mom to the doctor.  As I walked up to open my car door, this is what greeted me:

This WAS the rear seat of "Baby", my 1994 Cutlass Supreme.  It would appear that a critter, and a pretty strong one at that, decided to climb through the window and completely decimate the seating area of the bucket seat on the driver's side.  We have been leaving the windows down, since it has been so blazing hot, and the heat isn't good for the leather.   Obviously, neither are the wild things that live in the country!

I am not sure what exactly did this, but it was strong and it was ticked off.  The metal frame on the seat was twisted into an "U" shape and the leather ripped to shreds.  There was stuffing strewn about the rear floorboards, but oddly enough there were no claw marks or teeth marks on any of the rest of the car.

At least it was the back seat and I was still able to drive to mom's, but I was terribly upset that Baby had been so severely ravaged!

After I got back home yesterday, I started checking for replacements and the cost was unbelievable.  For new cloth ones, it was $375.  I signed up for a service that will help track down parts for my car, since they no longer make Oldsmobile and my car IS nearly 20 years old (although she only has 90,000 original miles on her), so parts are hard to come by, even used.  Seems that most salvage yards don't keep cars that are this old when they come in, they go immediately to the crusher!  How sad is that???   Anyway, this service,, cost me a mere $6.99, they do all the leg work, and send me emails so that I can follow up and find what I need.  I had notifications in my inbox within minutes.  Unfortunately, some were too costly ($500) and others did not have the seat that I needed.  However, this morning, I had more and was able to find a replacement seat for my car for $40 plus S&H, and the salvage yard is a mere 2 hours from here.  The seat is maroon, and will need a cover or re-upholstering, but hey, at least I have a seat back there, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and it should be here by the beginning of next week!  How about that???

Now to catch whatever critter did this to my poor baby, and as one of my FB friends said, dig a pit and roast the sucker!  

Remember, keep those windows rolled up, especially if you live in the never know what might decide to climb in and have a little fun!

God bless!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I own a car that is 21 years old, and finding replacement parts is more difficult every year.

Anonymous said...

What do you do for a migraine? Any tips on dealing with one would be appreciated.

Stephanie (and Walter) said...

It is so hard finding the parts especially when it is a make that is no longer made.

Stephanie (and Walter) said...

I take one sinus/allergy pill and one Excedrin Migraine. That usually does the trick for me. Hope this helps!